First Global Game Jam

I participated in my first Global Game Jam last weekend. Come to think of it, this was my first hackathon event I was a part of and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. The event took place in 48 hours and we had to deliver a game within that time frame. So in this post, I would like to go through the thought-process of how the game came to be. Game Jams usually have prompts each year and this year the prompt was ‘Rituals’.

Once we had our prompt in place, we started brain-storming as a team to figure out how we could build a fun game around it. From the beginning, we did not want to do a regular game. We wanted to go out of the box like how everybody wants to when it comes to any event. This is us brain-storming ideas:


The Toy

We discussed about various rituals in different countries, went on to discussing about satanic rituals (the obvious choice), funny rituals, scary rituals and down right disgusting ones. The most interesting thing about such events is that brainstorming happens under an hour as time is of the essence. Slowly, everybody started to branch out into their own ideas and suddenly we were struck with this idea of the tooth-fairy legend – about how the tooth fairy picks up teeth that has fallen off and inturn leaves money under the pillow. We were working on a storyline for that when we came up with the ritual of having a Thanksgiving turkey. Everybody loved the idea!


We started iterating on that. Once the toy was decided, we moved onto the mechanic of the game. Being a fun event, we decided the game should be multiplayer. Soon we decided the turkey should be controlled by two people. We decided to use two controllers to move the turkey in space and escape from humans. One guest would control the right wings/feet of the turkey and the other guest would control the left. If someone moved only to the left, the turkey would spin around in that direction and vice versa.

The next challenge was to get the right camera angle to do the same. We discussed between first person and third person camera and finally settled on how the third person camera made more sense for this game as the guests had to see the humans chasing after them.


Level Design

We soon broke off into groups and started working on all the requirements. In the mean time, couple of us worked out a level design for the game where the turkey would start the game in the dining room and had to work its way through the house to get to escape from the same.

Final Game

This was what came out of the 48 hours of development – Turkesh


Download Link –